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Insurance scams, fraudulent documents, elder abuse and neglect, false advertising - these are merely a few of the pitfalls facing California seniors in today's economy.

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CASU seeks justice, fairness and transparency - in the courts, in the Capitol, in the media - for California seniors through public dissemination of information, oversight of corporate and bureaucratic practitioners, and advocacy for sound public policy. The economic downturn has coincided with a notable uptick in scams targeting seniors and veterans.  There are countless stories across the state (and nation) in which predatory agents, counselors, caregivers, and salespeople manipulate the elderly and their families in order to cheat them out of savings and assets.  They bilk the vulnerable out of their homes and savings-- in many cases, assets that took a lifetime to acquire.

It's not just scammers operating in the shadows, the State of California itself is also relentless in their pursuit of repayment for state services. There are countless cases where families of recently deceased seniors have been almost immediately pursued by the State for restitution.  What could be worse?  You lose a parent, go through the expense and pain of a funeral only to then be immediately forced to hire an attorney to protect your parents' property from State confiscation?


 CASU is working for Californians to stop these practices.


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August 2, 2013: CNN

CNN Reporter Drills CA Health Secretary on Fraud Allegations

Reporter Drew Griffin presses CA Health and Human Services Secretary Diana Dooley for answers.
August 2, 2013: CNN

CA Health Care Director Evades Questions on Clinic Fraud

Anderson Cooper attempts to interview Toby Douglas, Director of the CA Department of Health Care Services.

Watch the videos linked above. These are the individuals most responsible for the execution and regulation of health care policy in the state of California...
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